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- Updates -

May 16, 2004: Nina placed 12th at the U.S. Classic last night. Click here for full results. Congratulations to Nina as well as teammates Hollie Vise and Nikki Childs for qualifying for Nationals!

May 10, 2003: Nina and a few of her teammates will be competing in the IGHOF meet today. This has been noted in Nina's schedule. Check out Inside Gymnastics for more details.

March 2, 2003: Nina won the recent Podium Meet! Congrats! Results have been added. You may want to have a look at Inside Gymnastics for some competition details. We have also added many photos from the 2003 WOGA Classic thanks to Amy Lansdown.

February 24, 2003: Nina's schedule has been slightly updated.

February 8, 2003: Results have been added from some of Nina's recent competitions.

December 10, 2002: Two fan opinions have been added.

November 27, 2002: Seven more new photos from 2002 Nationals have been added, thanks again to Heather Maynez. Also, we hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

November 12, 2002: Seven new photos from 2002 Nationals have been added, thanks to Heather Maynez.

November 11, 2002: The Elite Opinions page has been put back up and a new page called Fan Opinions has been added, so you can now send in your comments about Nina's gymnastics style.

November 2, 2002: Brand new layout! Nina's 16th Birthday is tomorrow, so please sign the guestbook and wish her a "Happy Birthday"!

October 9, 2002: Two short black and white beam clips from 2002 Nationals have been added to the video page.

October 1, 2002: The WOGA page has updated links, and four new Nationals photos have been added to the 2002 Nationals page thanks to Erica Machel.

September 23, 2002: Results from the USA vs. Mexico meet have been added. Nina competed all events but beam, and placed ninth overall. Great job, Nina! For complete results, be sure to visit USAG Gymnastics USA vs. Mexico results..

September 18, 2002: Nina's schedule has been updated with some upcoming competitions and camps.

September 7, 2002: Meet comments from 2002 Nationals have been added and a new photo has been put up from 2001 Nationals.

August 23, 2002: Nina wrote a journal entry talking about her anticipation for Nationals earlier this summer. It is now posted here.

August 18, 2002: Many new photos from the 2002 US Classic and 2002 US Nationals have been added. Thank to Heather for supplying these photos.

August 17, 2002: New layout for this site and a new address, We hope you enjoy it! Many of the pages have been cleaned up and the photo page has been reorganized.

August 10, 2002: Congratulations on finishing sixth at Nationals, Nina! She is again a member of the US National Team. Great job, Nina. Final results have been added to the site. The US National Championships will be shown on NBC tonight at 8:00 ET and tomorrow night at 7:00 ET.

August 9, 2002: During day one of Nationals Nina performed strongly, and is currently in a tie for fourth place. For current results check out USAG Sr. Results. Goodluck Nina at the remainder of the competition on Saturday.

August 7, 2002: Some new photos have been added, one from the 2002 US Classic and two from 2001 Nationals. Thanks to Erica J. Machel and Holly for these photos. Some details about Nina's impressive training has been mentioned at Inside Gymnastics. Goodluck at Nationals, Nina!

July 30, 2002: The video has been uploaded to a new server, so it is now downloadable again. Goodluck to Nina at Nationals in Cleveland on August 8-10!

July 20, 2002: A new video from the 2002 US Classic Team Cup has been added. Thanks to Sara for the video. Also, Nina's schedule has been updated.

July 16, 2002: Because Nina finished in the top twelve at the US Classic, on Sunday, she got to compete in the Team Cup. Nina's team was known as the "Baby Blues" and included competitors Terin Humphrey, Carly Patterson, Annie Fogerty, Krista Jasper, and Tia Orlando. The team came in third all-around and had the greatest floor average of the competition. Great job, girls! Nina's individual scores have been added to this website. For full results check out the 2002 US Classic Team Cup Results.

July 14, 2002: Great Job, Nina at the US Classic! Nina placed eleventh in the all-around with a 33.625. Also impressive was her fourth place finish on beam with a 9.025! Her scores have qualified her to Nationals! Nina's scores are now up on this site, but for full results you can check out 2002 US Classic Results.

July 12, 2002: Tomorrow Nina will compete at the 2002 US Classic. She will begin the rotation on floor. We all wish her the best of luck. To find out more check out the 2002 US Classic Website. Additionally there are some highlight from Session 2 training at Inside Gymnastics with some details about Nina's skills. Also, we have added five new photos from the Zone meet, again thanks to Pam.

July 10, 2002: A new page called artwork has been added.

July 9, 2002: A new photo has been added from the recent Zone meet thanks to Pam. Also, the opinions page has been updated with thoughts from Nina's teammate who recently became an international elite, Allison Taylor. The WOGA teammates page also has some new links. Goodluck to Nina at the upcoming US Classic!

June 29, 2002: Three new photos have been added from the 2002 Hall of Fame Meet which was held recently in Oklahoma. Thanks to Dinah for taking them.

June 24, 2002: A fun new scramble puzzle has been added. Also the results page has been updated with past scores from the 1999 US Classic and the 2000 American Classic.

May 29, 2002: Sorry for the lack of updates, they will be picking up when summer rolls around! Today there is an update to Nina's schedule. A new page called WOGA has been added under the Nina section and the quiz in the Interact section has been updated. Additionally, the basic facts page in the Nina section has been updated.

April 28, 2002: A video of Nina's floor routine from the 2002 Magical Classic has been added.

April 22, 2002: A video of Nina's bar routine from the 2002 Magical Classic has been added.

April 20, 2002: A video of Nina's beam routine from the 2001 Magical Classic has been added.

April 19, 2002: A video of Nina's floor routine from the 2001 Magical Classic has been added.

April 9, 2002: A video of Nina's bar routine from the 2001 Magical Classic has been added.

April 8, 2002: The video page is back up and running with three videos from Nina's meets this year! Many more are on the way. Also, we won the Site of the Month Award from Gymnastics Galore:

March 24, 2002: Recently Nina made the transition from Brown's Gym in Houston to WOGA in Plano to train. At her first competition as a WOGA senior gymnast, Nina competed at the 2002 American Classic yesterday. She had problems which lead to falls on both beam and bars, yet successfully placed forth on vault with a 9.200. Check out the results page for full results! There is also a new misc. photograph and the links and biography page have been updated. I would like to wish Nina the best of luck at her new gym and for the remainder of her competitive season this year.

March 13, 2002: Four new photos from the 2002 Podium Meet have been added. Thanks to Tim for these photos.

March 2, 2002: Tackling some very tough senior competition, Nina did an excellent job placing ninth at the Podium Meet in Orlando, Florida yesterday. Great job, Nina! Results have been added to the site to reflect Nina's accomplishment.

February 18, 2002: Results from the 2002 Magical Classic have been added. Congrats to Nina for placing fifth at the meet!

February 17, 2002: A new layout to the site!

December 30, 2001: Nina has answered five questions. Check out her answers here. Nina and her webmaster would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

December 26, 2001: Happy Holidays! A new layout has been released, several new pages have been added and almost every page has been updated. Enjoy!

November 28, 2001: Three new animations have been added.

November 26, 2001: An animation page has been added as well as ten new animations.

November 16, 2001: Thank you to everyone who signed Nina's Birthday Card! You can still view the card by clicking here. Also, a new poll has been put up. Be sure to cast your vote! You may now access this site by using

October 19, 2001: Changed the look of the front page a little bit and added a Birthday Card!

October 15, 2001: Three new support buttons are now up. Thanks to Michelle Kim for being kind enough to give them to Nina's website! Also, Nina may be attending the Karoyli camp, so expect a diary entry up after her experience there.

September 17, 2001: Some important information has been added to Nina's schedule.

September 3, 2001: Added nine new photos from Nationals. (thanks Ruth!)

August 31, 2001: Updated Nina's interview.

August 27, 2001: Twelve new photos from Nationals (thanks Lex!), a new page, Ask Nina and a brand new layout (thanks Holly for the collage on top)!

August 15, 2001: 6 new photos from Nationals (thanks Tim!)

August 13, 2001: New layout! (thanks Layoutech!) New pictures coming soon :)
Also: 6 new photos from US Nationals were added Gym Starz.

August 11, 2001: More info has been added to the results page as well as some meet notes. Great job at Nationals, Nina!

August 10, 2001: Added a new page, Results, with Nina's scores from a few meets including Day 1 of the 2001 US Nationals. Goodluck to Nina in the final round. There is also a new page called Meet Notes with some comments on Nina's skills from Nationals.

August 8, 2001: There is a new page, AIM Icons with six new buddy icons for you to use. Enjoy!

August 7, 2001: Added two photos from the 2001 US Classic. There are limited photos because Nina did not compete at this meet. Goodluck to Nina at Nationals this week!

August 6, 2001: Changed the layout a little bit, added about ten new links and added a schedule page.

August 5, 2001: Brand new layout in honor of making this site official as well as a new opinion.

July 31, 2001: Nina Kim Online is now NINA KIM'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE! More info on this coming soon!

July 24, 2001: Nina unfortunately tore a stomach muscle at the US Classic. She was unable to compete but hopes to go to Nationals. Best of luck in your recovery, Nina. There is also a picture of Nina's autograph on the front page.

July 20, 2001: Guess where Nina is? Nope she's not in Texas - she is in Californina getting ready for the U.S. Classic! Goodluck Nina! There is a new layout today, hope you like it!

July 14, 2001: There are 2 new support buttons made by Holly.

July 13, 2001: 3 new pictures of Nina and one new picture of Nina's coach, Debbie Kaitschuck. There is a new opinion from Nina's former elite teammate, Megan Severson. There is also a new page called support. Please add a banner to your website! I finally found the results of the 2001 US Classic so I have added them as well.

July 12, 2001: We have added an updates page :) , a discussion forum and a contact page.

July 11, 2001: Nina Kim Online was released! I hope you enjoy it and remember to sign the guestbook!