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Let me first start off by saying that this website takes plenty of work! Layout and content is Nina and the webmaster unless otherwise stated. The site started out in the early summer of 2001 as a fan site for Nina. It eventually became Nina's OFFICIAL website on July 31, 2001.

This is Nina's official site because it is the only site which she fully authorizes and contributes to. This will ensure that we can provide you with the most up to date and accurate information.

This site was made so that gymnastics fans across the nation can learn more about Nina Kim. Our main goal is to provide you with news of Nina's training, competitons and results and lead you through her career in gymnastics.

Nina Kim's Official Website is Nina Kim and her webmaster. Please note other contributors found on the credits page.

This site can be accessed by using the address
If you have any questions or comments about Nina Kim's Official Website, do not hesitate to email the webmaster at: