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- Fan Opinions -

Here's your chance to send in your opinion on Nina's gymnastics. Select comments will be posted here for Nina to read. Thanks for taking the time to let Nina know what you appreciate most about her gymnastics!

Opinion of Nina's Gymnastics:

Fan Opinions:

Hi Nina, I wanted to tell you that you are truly blessed with an amazing ablitiy, not only as a gymnast but someone who we can all look up to. You are an inspiration to the world!! Your personalitiy towards the sport is what makes you stand out as an athlete! You continue to improve with grace and style, and most imporant a smile that lights up the room. I wish you the best of luck for the years to follow! Keep Reaching for the STARS!!!!! Always, Diane
-Diane Hodor

Nina, you are a great gymnast! Keep it up and Good Luck!
-Kristine K.